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Pony Express Car Wash Lakeside is located at 9757 Winter Gardens in Lakeside, California near the intersection with Woodside.


Our tunnel washes 90 CARS PER HOUR, so even if there is a long line, your car will be clean fast!!Even with a line to enter and vacuuming our customers are done in about 5-10 minutes.


No one wants to clean there vehicle in a dirty wash, so our employees are constantly cleaning our equipment, grounds and vacuum stations. Our courteous employees are neatly dressed and always welcome you and your family. We are committed to work hard to ensure that you are taken care of quickly.


Our Lakeside, California facility is always clean, safe, and well lit.We have extensive video monitoring to ensure the safety of your vehicle and family.


I've been very lazy since this quick service car was built. I was spoiled when working in south bay a lot of these type of places exist out there, but pony express was the first and to my knowledge the only one in east county. You have 3 options 6, 8, and 10 dollar I believe I usually get the 10 cause I was my car so rarely. They also have a free vacuum after your wash so you can clean out the inside of ur care :)
Gabriel M., August 3, 2013, Lakeside, CA

What Our Clients Say

The price is only $6 and you get to vacuum for free. You can take your time vacuuming and not worry about having a time limit. My car always looks great.