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Detailing Services


A Different Experience

Detailing Services are available during our regular business hours.  Because of our limited space we recommend that you call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Have you gone to a car wash where they try to sell you something that you are not sure you need? Has a car wash ever promised to remove a scratch or stain, charged you for it and then not performed? At the Pony Express we are different!

How it works
If you are interested in detailing, let our cashier know and we will wash your car at no charge and then in a relaxed environment we will give you a chance to meet face to face with our detailer for a consultation. Our detailers are professionally trained and only uses the finest products on your car.

Not sure what you need or what each service offers? We will not only explain the services, we will demonstrate the service on your car so you can see the results before you buy. We pledge not to sell you something you do not need!

If you decide to stay and have the services done, we provide seating or you can relax at Starbucks which is directly across the street. There are also great restaurants within walking distance including American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Hawaiian, and German foods!

If you decide you do not have time, but would like to make an appointment to have the detailing done another day, we can set up a convenient time for you and your wash on the day you make the appointment is free!

If you decide not to get a detail, you simply pay the detailer after the consultation for the wash you received and you are on your way! Of course you can always stay for the free vacuums.

Don’t forget to ask about the great specials and multicar discounts!